What is a Patent Agent vs. a Patent Attorney?

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Hi. I’m Rich Beem. I’m a patent attorney in Chicago and I’d like to talk with you about patent agents and patent attorneys. What is a patent agent? A patent agent has to have a degree in engineering or science; it’s typically at least a bachelor’s degree. And they have to study the patent rules and the patent laws, and how the patent office works. And they have to take a very difficult examination with a pretty low pass rate to become admitted to what’s called the patent bar. Someone who is admitted to the patent bar - including a patent agent - is permitted legally to represent patent clients in preparing and filing patent applications and then prosecuting them through the examination process in the patent’s office to obtain an issue to patent. Now, what is a patent attorney? Well, a patent attorney has the same qualifications as a patent agent plus they are a lawyer. So, a patent attorney has an engineering or science degree, they have passed the patent bar examination. They’ve also have gone to law school and obtained a law degree, and become admitted to practice in one of the states of the United States to be admitted to the bar, as a lawyer. And such a person is called a patent attorney. That’s what I am, I’m a patent attorney. I have a degree in chemical engineering, I’m admitted to the patent bar, and I’m admitted to the bar of the state of Illinois. Now why do I tell you this? Because I want you to know that you have options. And one of the most important choices that you will make is who you choose to represent you with your patent application matter. The other thing that you should know is that if you have a matter that involves in going to court to enforce your patent or to defend you against charges of patent infringement, then you need to have a lawyer represent you. And a patent attorney has that qualification. I’m Rich Beem. Call me at 312-201-0011 when you need a patent attorney. Thank you!

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