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Why get a patent

How to make money on your
    patented invention
Brief history of patents in the
    United States

Working with a patent attorney

Will a patent attorney steal my
What is a patent agent vs. a patent

What can be patented

What is a patent? – here’s one!
The 3 types of patents
Can software and business methods
    be patented?
Why search for prior art? – the 48J
    bra patent
The duty of candor and why you
    should comply

When and how to file a patent application

Patent application requirements
Goldilocks the inventor: when to
    file a patent application
File now to avoid statutory bars
Declarations, power of attorneys,
    and assignments
How to obtain worldwide patent

What happens after you file a patent application

What happens when you file a patent
Why we interview patent examiners
The 3 common rejections
Why your patent may not issue
Marking your product with patent pending
    or a patent number
Patent interference: first to file vs. first
    to invent

Patent infringement litigation

What if someone infringes your patent?
How we won a patent infringement lawsuit
    for a Brazilian sugar company
Infringement and validity opinions –
    why they are important to you*
How we manage your case*
How we make your case easier for the
    court to understand*
How we approach Markman hearings
    and claim construction
How we schedule progress of your case*
How we use experts to prove your case*
How we win appeals in the Federal Circuit*

For lawyers

Why lawyers refer clients to us
How we help foreign patent attorneys*

Example patents

Kraft 680 lb block of cheese patent
Sentiam picture frame patent
The 50,000 volt circuit board patent


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