Patent Opinions

Ray Ricordati

The patent attorneys of Beem Patent Law Firm are experienced in providing advice and counsel to clients, upon request, concerning issues of patent law, including infringement, validity, related questions such as claim construction, claim scope, attorney-client privilege, and attorney work product, and in the application of the law to the facts, some of which may be technical in nature.

Relevant legal authority exists in the form of statutes and case law, and we are skilled in interpreting and applying such precedent to the facts of our clients’ cases.

In some cases, opinions may be relevant to issues such as willful infringement, duty of care, due diligence, requirements for investigation prior to filing suit and other pleadings and submissions, and related theories of liability, damages and fee-shifting.

Some of these issues are discussed, for example, in the brief of amicus curiae the American Bar Association (ABA) (the brief states that “with over 408,000 members,” the ABA is “the leading national membership organization of the legal profession”), of which brief Richard Beem was a principal author, in Knorr-Bremse v. Dana, 383 F.3d 1337 (Fed. Cir. 2004) (en banc).

See ABA amicus brief, successfully urging the Federal Circuit to respect the attorney-client privilege in patent cases in order to encourage and not to penalize candor in attorney-client communications).

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