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The attorneys of Beem Patent Law Firm are dedicated to serving the inventing community, representing inventors or business owners in their patent matters.

 If you are an innovator, your engagement of Beem for patent law services will help you throughout the process of building strong, enduring patents – Beem Patents – and enforcing those patents against infringers.  If you have questions about patents and the patent process, continue to general information about patents.

Beem Patent Law Firm has provided presentations and training for engineers and scientists in companies, universities and government. Each is tailored to the specific needs of the inventing groups, focusing on good invention disclosures for strong patent applications.

We have provided pro bono service and leadership in the Engineering College Industrial Advisory Council, and in the Provost's Intellectual Property Task Force, both of Iowa State University. Service and leadership at the bar also benefit the inventing community.

In society and in the law, it is recognized that there is a close relationship between the “patent-user” community and the “inventing” community. The link between patents and inventions, and thus between patentees and inventors, is reflected in the U.S. Constitution, which provides for patents in order to “promote the Progress” of the “useful Arts.” Const., Art. 1, §8, clause 8. Please let us know if we can be of service to you.


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