International and Foreign Patent Applications

Richard Beem speaking at AIPPI, Helsinki

Richard Beem speaking at AIPPI — Helsinki, Finland (2013)

Beem Patent Law Firm can provide all of your international patent law needs – whether you are a U.S. inventor or company or a foreign patent attorney, inventor, or company.

For U.S. inventors and companies, the key to international patent rights is prompt and timely filing of a U.S. patent application. If you wish to pursue filing your patent application in countries beyond the U.S., we can help you. Beem Patent Law Firm files international patent applications through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and an extensive network of attorneys in practically every country of the world. We work with well-respected and trustworthy foreign patent attorneys through our work with the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). We can also help you directly file a patent in another country through a foreign national filing.

For foreign patent attorneys, inventor, and companies, we have extensive experience in filing U.S. national stage cases from PCT applications. We will work with you to promptly enter the U.S. national phase, and will also work with you to provide the prosecution of a U.S. national phase case upon receipt of your instructions. We can also help you file U.S. applications that claim priority to foreign national patent applications.

Beem Patent Law Firm welcomes new relationships with U.S. and international clients and patent attorneys.

Further, Mr. Richard Beem has spoken and presented at various international conferences. For example, see publications.

We occasionally receive inquiries from inventors outside the United States. We represent many foreign inventors (neither residing in nor a citizen of the United States), through patent attorneys or lawyers in their countries of origin. If you are a foreign inventor, please contact a patent attorney or lawyer in your country and ask them to provide instructions concerning your U.S. patent matter to Beem Patent Law Firm.

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