Beem Patent Law Firm focuses on U.S. and international patent applications and patent litigation. We practice in all technologies and industries. Clients and referring attorneys benefit from the creative, innovative and effective approach Beem Patent Law Firm has developed for all patent matters. This includes:

Richard Beem

Beem patent attorneys understand that companies have unique patent requirements. One of our greatest strengths, in addition to our exceptional work product, is open communication with our clients so that we can more effectively serve their most pressing needs.  Contact us today to see how Beem attorneys can assist you with your patent law matters.

Inventors and attorneys have direct access to Beem Patent Law Firm patent attorneys who do the work. We strive to be responsive to client instructions and sensitive to client relationships, so that we deliver personalized, high-value, high-efficiency patent services.

We include project management "best practices" in our work to effectively manage client services and to deliver work product on time and on budget.

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